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May 28, 2002
Will an intake manifold on the F fit a 2F?
I just bought a fj40, and the previous owner told me that the 2F engine got busted and he changed it to an F engine (couldn't fine the 2F). He still uses the 2F intake. So I guess it's interchangable.
I have an F motor in my 63 FJ40 and a 2F intake/exhaust will not fit on it. It has different spaced ports, and they are round not square.
later model f/2f intake are interchaneable. IIRC it is 68 and up. The 2F is a better intake as it is shaped for better flow.
My 2f (76) has larger studs for the manifold and there are thwo bolts aswell and the exhaust looks like 2.75

my f (72) has small studs and smaller exhaust output

If you wanted the f intake on a 2f you would have to grind the hole for the studs so it will fit.

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