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Feb 9, 2002
i see in the tech that people are putting 4.3 tbi on a 2f. is this possible on the F?
how inexpensively can this be done?

i'm thinking i can track down a blown or totalled something with the 4.3 in it as a donor for hopefully pretty cheap.

is this even possible?
does this mean no?
or does no one really know?
or has it just never been done?
Don't know much about the F ; my conversion was on the 2F.
But your only problem would be where the TBI bolts to the intake manifold. If the bolt pattern is the same you can do it easily ; if the bolt pattern is diffrent you'll have to make your own adaptor plate.

good luck

i figured that would be the hardest part?
where did you get your parts for this?
what is the cost of this type of conversion?
Spaceghost on this board sells the plate for the 2F.
The rest can be gotten from a junkyard; for the cheapest route.
Or you can get a kit from Downey or Howell (Howell being the better of the two) goes together easier but cost more.
Eventually you'll have to have the chip in the ecm reprogrammed.

yeppers...heard nothing but good on the SpaceGhost plate.

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