F or 2F That is the question

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Feb 5, 2009
Can someone let me know how I can tell if I have an F or 2F motor. Where would I look, And what do I look for. Thank You my brothers ( Jokers Welcome ) .:smokin::hmm:
Should be on the passenger side of the block towards the back at least that's where mine says it ..F4334923 somthing something
Your username implies you have a 1971 Model FJ40, located in Arizona. If it is the original engine to your truck- it is a 1F. 2Fs weren't available until 1975.
It's not the original motor. It was left to me from a family member that past, so I don't know what he put in it.
If I am not mistaken.....the quick way for a novice to judge is look for the oil filter....on the passenger side for a 2F.
Thanks Texfj40, My oil filter is on the driver side. Thank You Brothers. Happy Wheelin' .:cheers::grinpimp:

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