Wanted F#@^ I crash my Lc100 into a parking lot collumn

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"Clueless" fourwheel rabbit
Jul 16, 2016
Minneapolis, mn
United States
Okay you can laugh all you want, I suck at parking, drive at speed zero problems (Motorcycle very different story) this thing is about a foot wider than my Subaru and so much taller, also the hood is so much higher I just did not see it (saw the post and i was aware of the concrete block, but I was not conscious of the exact distance)..

Bumper I don't care, I'm sure I can find one, maybe a great excuse to get a "Real" one..

The little metal trim under the light no big deal, I'm pretty handy.

But I do need the body panel (White will be great) and obviously the turn signal.

Oh my wife is going to freaking Kill me..
Any recomendation for a good body shop around salt lake city, all my friends keep sending me to "Ventura Auto body" and they have granite floors, double pane windows, leather chair, super models at the counters and air condition..

i'm looking more for Don Pacho, dirty floors and hammer drum solos, with Oxi torques for illumination.... :)

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