F engine configuration, what was US version in '71?

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Feb 9, 2005
Looking at the whole package, I'm wondering if my '71 Pig (build date Dec '70) has /had the typical US configuration:

no smog rail/pump, but rudimentary emissions computer, speed marker, etc.
HiPo intake manifold
vac advance/adjustable distributor
single groove crank pulley and WP pulley

The manifold and distributor are curious to me, didn't know they were standard on US rigs.
I'm not sure what a HiPo intake is, but I can say for sure that 71 had a vacuum retard distributor and carb. The rest sounds right.
There was an (option at least) air injection manifold and valve on the 67. Is your head set up for an air rail (maybe capped off)? Of course, if you had that then there should have been an air pump and you'd have a double pulley.

What's your engine number?

edit: I see you've already been through the HiPo discussion back in November. I remember that now.
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Just curious, because I bought the truck in Phoenix from a Mexican (illegal, I recall) who had been driving it a while, but I couldn't understand him well enough to determine where HE got it. Maybe it was from Mexico, with non-US spec?

But wait a minute, the title was either AZ or CA, it wasn't anything foreign, so there goes that idea.

Can a VIN tell anything?

Probably, somebody swapped in the HP manifold and dizzy, end of story.
Can a VIN tell anything?
Yeah, it can tell you if it was stolen.

But seriously, it (71) should've been vac retard, but could have been switch over to va advance (as is mine) (72)

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