F Clutch???

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Dec 16, 2002
I have a 74 with a 4spd tranny. It has the old "Three Finger" clutch. I have done about 3 clutches in 50,000 miles and I am frustrated that mechanics can't get it right.. the 3rd clutch completely stopped working last night and sprayed fluid all over the extractors :mad: yes smokey is the word...
I have pulled the cover off and found the fingers worn and the clutch fork bent.. not pretty. I am not hard on these things, but I do drive it how its meant to be driven.

Can a 2F clutch bolt on? Or do the flywheels have different bolt patterns? I realise that the clutch fork is relocated on the other side of the bellhousing but thats all. What are my options with something a little more heavy duty than the standard? What happens to these things when serious hp hits them?

help please... ???
Ok, well I have answered my own question from the archives (Birfield) :-[ Sorry!!! I did do it originally but, very apparently, not sufficiently...

For info, the 2F flywheel has to be used as its a flat type to suit the diaphram clutch, whereas the "Finger" type has a stepped flywheel. From what I can gather the flywheel's are interchangable (And loctite is recommendated on the flywheel bolts)

Any comments on changing the flywheel throwing out the engine balance?

Also, if anyone already knows this can I keep my bellhousing?

Flywheels are neutral balanced.

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