F Build Up Question

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Jul 21, 2010
Dallas, TX
Howdy all,

I'm in the process of reassembling my F engine. I took pictures of the engine as I disassembled it to make the reassembly go more smoothly, but I seem to be missing a few.

Attached is a picture I just took of where the oil pump tube attaches to the block. Am I missing something that should be screwed into the hole to the right of where the tube attaches to the block?


Direct link to image: Oil Tube Image

Thanks for you help!
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Please help.

This is the last thing I need in order to be able to put the oil pan back on. I've looked through every picture I can find on mud. All the pics seem to be of 2F's. It looks like on the 2F they filled in these two bolt holes.
It's been a while since I've looked, but I think that's supposed to be an empty hole...
Since the "F" engine is a bypass flow and uses and external filter and regulator, that is the return port from the filter/regulator.

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