F aircleaner and Mini-truck power steering mounted high

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Jun 8, 2003
I know this topic has been addressed. I used the search button and found nothing. How do you check archives? I sort of feel like a dummie on this question but oh well.

I have added mini-truck power steering to my 1974 FJ40. It is mounted high on the drivers side using the JTO bracket with the two most forward headbolts. I am guessing there is a fairly easy way to modify the mounting bracket to get the F aircleaner to work with the mini PS. I am planning on modifying the F aircleaner anyway to accomodate a snorkel system. I was going to twist it around to allow a port from the drivers side out to connect to a snorkel.

Does anyone have tips or know someone that has already tackled this issue?
Post some pics when you get it licked...Sounds like a funtime!

Good luck!

Do you have to keep the air cleaner for smog reasons or anything? I run a weber carb on my F with a little K&N filter that sits on top. It really frees up space in the engine bay. My friend left his factory air box for his Super duty ford over here when we put a high flow system on it. I was thinking I might be able to modify it so that the K&N would sit inside of it and hold it down to the carb, then just plumb it up to your snorkle. Maybe a walk in the junkyard would yield a better box to start with.
I rotated the air cleaner around to the drivers side fender. made a bracket up and bolted it down. Had to cut a section out of the piece running from the top of the carb to the cleaner. Put some flexible material between the two pieces (made a tube out of old tire tube) The engine and fender flex and cleaner kept popping off the carb. works OK now.
Thats how I did mine..Just cut a couple of inches out of it..Welded it up..pointed the inlet backwards..no need for a snorkel..I'm inAZ...
another view
AZFJ, green40, Dan, and Poser:

Thanks a ton. The photos really help. I like the way you did that. The F aircleaner IMO is easier to use with a snorkel setup than many of the aftermarket options.

I want the snorkel setup as an option as I have a four times a year sizeable water crossing at some flooded farmland near Canada in Washington State. We like to travel to remote cabin to get away from the media related BS and life in 2004 for a while.

If anyone has seen the Kevin Costner movie where he drives the old FJ across a river in Arizona near the Mexico border. Just like that well sort of. I have a wife and kids and he was travelling with someone else's wife and get's the tar beat out of him.
In the first pic..It would be pretty easy to fab up a snorkle...The inlet is right there....good luck...Mine still works great!

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