Extra Leafs

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I'd just order the full length AALs from MAF. That's what I got on my 62 and you've seen how it looks with the 31" mudders on it. Personally I think that's how it should have set when it rolled out of the factory.
Hi, guys! I ordered new 4" lift springs from Summit for my '85 mini. IIRC, shipping wasn't that bad. Of course, they just slapped a sticker on each spring pack, but it worked out fine. Hope that helps.....
I'm not worried about shipping costs, just Man-A-Fre's shipping costs. They seem to be all over the place and won't tell you until it ships.

I love ordering from Summit.....

Yeah I honestly can't remember how much they were when I ordered 'em. I ordered a ton of other stuff from them at the same time and from SOR, so I had all sorts of extra numbers on those receipts.
What about a custom pack from Pohl Springs there in Spokomton? :idea:
What about a custom pack from Pohl Springs there in Spokomton? :idea:

$130 for a pair of leafs......

Cruiser Parts seems to be winning so far. They offered me 4 leafs for about $100 including the ride. I haven't hear back from any of the private sellers on MUD yet.

Keep them ideas coming!

Oh, and by the way, I am a poor guy so this has to be sort of inexpensive (at least until my wife is done with school (2 years)).
Have you tried Spauldings or the Pick-n-pull????
Well, this ended very well. I bought a pair of rear packs from a guy in MT. He had a buddy who was on his way to Seattle from Wyoming. Well, they showed up this morning at 6:30 and I couldn't be happier! Land Cruiser people rock.

Glad to hear it!

I have a big leaf spring problem... the notorious lean. Seems that my springs are flat.. normal sag, but the lean is throwing off my alighnment. I think I am going to get new springs all the way around. Since I am new at fixing things, any reccomendations before I start the process?
Air tools are your friend :D

Start soaking the bolts etc with some penetrant.

I wish I had a shop, we could do it in a day. If you don't mind working in dirt (I'm used to it now) I don't mind helping you out. I've got all the tools we need.

Kroil is where it's at. I've got I think four cans or Aerokroil in my garage right now.

Sure wish my driveway was level so I could get the truck up on jackstands and start tearing into it once I get the Duster back on the road.
Sounds great... I just need to order the new springs. What kind of springs should I be looking at. I see many different kinds listed on this site, but are there ones you all in Spokane reccomend?

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