Extended Brake Line/hoses

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Apr 7, 2005
Hi All,
just a quick question regarding the length of the brake lines/hoses required now that I have lifted my ride 4"? Just don't really want anything be ripped out while out playing.
thanks in advance
these lines you say are only 4" longer but is that enough at full articulation (if thats even a word)?
It's just getting the lines from Slee with the cost of sending them here to Australia, well if I get the length I can get some made up.
Busted 100, it may then be better for you to see how much more you need by measureing the stock line you have and then lower the front axle until the brake line is tight, the extimate what you may need(to protect parts, remove the 12mm head bolt that holds the hard lines on to the frame). With the 6 " lift I have with the OME l shock, I only lowered the hard brake line 2 inches with brackets. This was enough for the shock I have (the L shock is about 4 inches extended over stock).
With another type of shock that has more travel thus more extension, My system would not work. With 4 extra inches of lenght(new brake lines), I could from my starting point with the hard lines droped, could then have a shock that would extend more, but may have to bumpstop the axle for the shocks lenght. Any way this may or may not help you. You could e-mail christo direct to see if he will give you the measurement. later robbie
Thanks Guys

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