Extended brake hoses for 67fj40???

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Mar 8, 2011
NW Arkansas
Anybody know where to get extended brake hoses for the early landcruisers? Mine is a 67 FJ40 and I need to replace the cracked hoses and I'm planing to install a lift soon so I thought if I could get extended hoses I wouldnt have to do it twice. I've found OEM hoses but not extended. Would really like steel braided if I could get them. Also, are they necessary with a 4" lift? Thanks for the info!
If they are like the later hoses they are male one end female the other, so you could just add another stock length hose to double your length.
I might ask Mark A.
I know he has the extended brake lines for my '74, 'cause I just bought some.
Plus, he does seem to know something about the earlier 'Cruisers...
Yours will be 9mm fittings. I do not think you are going to find what you need in 9mm. You might have to change over to 10mm fittings.

I still have them.;)

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