Experiance X shape front windows clearance.

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Mar 29, 2005
is their a glass or windows cleaner material to element the x shape reflection at night driving.
FJZ 80
Not sure about your x shape question, I did a google on the x shape windshield and nothing came up.
But glass will very from company to company. The cheaper glass (IMO) will have some distortions in the areas with compound bends. Also some glass will have a weird pattern only visible with polarized glasses.
I take it you have issues with you glass now at night? Try looking at your windshield with a pair of polarized glasses and see if you spot any weird spots or patterns (this may be your problem).
I can’t tell if you’re from the US or not, but if you are dealing with non US speck glass, then anything is possible. I would take a pair of the polarized glasses down to the windshield place and try and compare with what you have now.
sorry if this doesn’t help, but I don’t think anyone has heard of this type of problem? I haven’t.
Good luck in your search, :cheers:
can you rephrase the question?
I presume you mean "star" refelections from lights? This can happen from your own eyes, the glasses you are wearing, or the windshield itself, try throughly cleaning the screen (and your glasses)with an ammonia based cleaner and sponge and really give it a good rubdown keeping it wet with solution then hose windsreen off and then give it another complete rubdown with a fresh sponge while flooding the screen with a hose to remove all traces of the solution and the grime that it has lifted(which is sticky so you need to rub it off with the new sponge and water). Then install new OEM toyota wiper rubber inserts and see how you go. The solution I use in OZ is called Bar's Bugs Windscreen cleaner concentrate, I use it 100% on the screen in the method above and dilute it for the washer bottle.
Don't forget to clean the inner surface of the screen as well, I use a cheap $2 spray can of glass cleaner from the auto shops, ammonia based, use paper towel to give it a good rub, then clean paper towel to remove it, you may have to do this twice to get all the residue(grime) off, (meaning do the whole process twice) it is important to not let it dry on the screen if possible, streaking can occur, you need to have a good look from all angles to check for streaks. Hope this helps.
I presume you mean "star" refelections from lights? this is what is meant exactly. 100 TD . My friends also noticed this stars at night . so my eyes are well hope so.
My windshield was never replaced before. i will try your idea and reply soon.
"star" refelections from lights

This is exactly similar to what i see behind my windshield.
I can't guarantee what I do will work for you, but the worst time for me is at dusk and/or nighttime when there is rain/fog/drizzle. Bugs/grime/rain/drizzle are the worst and I strive to have the best night vision I can, especially in the wet. I have tried many different washer additives and then I found Bars Bugs. However their formulation has recently changed and I can't comment on it as I still have some of the old formula left (I buy 10 to 20 bottles at a time when on special, when you live in cropping/grazing country, bugs are going to plague every now and then) I have found over the years that the performance of the wiper blade(rubber) also has a bearing on it, and although expensive, the toyota OEM ones seem very good, also they do not slop around in the guides and "clunk" "clunk" back and forwards. The polish you use on your car can also be a major problem, with silicone etc in it getting on to your windscreen.(very hard to get out of the glass)
A Clay bar can work well on windshield glass to remove stubborn deposits. ( Picture from Autopia.com)

A good primer on using the clay bar. Autopia Clay Bar article

I also like to use a microfiber towel. Especially on the inside of the glass .

Somewhat related - they just started using this corn-based deicer on the roads where I work. Better for the nature and appearently works well. It leaves a film on your car that looks like someone spilled soda all over the vehicle and while driving gets on the windshield the same as a salt spray. I changed windshield fluid from "standard blue" to the Prestone Deicer and was amazed at how much better it works. I highly recommend it.


Bottle copy from prestone but the stuff really works-
Prestone Dirt Blocker coats windshields with a unique formula. Novel organo-modified siloxane copolymers in this formulation impart a durable a hydrophobic surface on the windshield that prevents road spray from adhering to windshield glass by moving dirt particles away from the windshield surface and into the washer fluid that clears off the glass. The dirt and fluid bead up and roll away
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I’ve used the Clay Bar before & that stuff is awesome!

But, before you sent tons of money on windshields, cleaners, etc let me ask.
Have you had any eye sugary like Lasik? That can cause the star effects at night.
I hope its just he windshield though…
Well if eye could afford it eye would change from the Bars Bugs to the BIG PAIR ABOVE and eye am sure eye would see more clearly!!
Autopia.com has a very good ebook on detailing that is free to download. The book has a whole chapter glass care.

Autopia Detailing ebook

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