Experiance with an extreme valve body

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May 30, 2012
NE California
I have searched for extreme valve body, but no one seems to follow up on whether they are satisfied with it.

Has anyone installed one and can share how it performs.

Temp, power and fuel mileage. Did you experience any difference.

They claim to improve all three but would like to know if it is true or just a sales pitch.

I installed one just shy of two years ago. My main motivation was the 3rd gear lockup, so if towing the wheelers or boat I could stay in the meatier part of the power curve without overheating the tranny running in 3rd. I have stock 4.11 gears, running 31" tires and have an aux tranny cooler installed.

Overall I'm happy with the setup, nice crisp shifts - borderline harsh depending on the kickdown cable adjustment. The only issue I have is the lock up speed is too slow. It locks at about 38-40mph, which is OK when running in 3rd, too slow IMHO for 4th. It locked at about 48-50 with the stock VB.

I bought the VB from a guy here on MUD, NIB, never installed. So I emailed Rodney asking about lock up speed. He sent me a different spring for the lockup module free of charge (I have yet to install it). Now that's customer service!

I did not notice a change in fuel mileage, but you would if running unlocked in 3rd versus locked. I installed a tranny cooler as soon as I bought the cruiser, and I don't have a temp gauge, so I can't comment on it's effect on temperature.

For me, I'd do it again for the 3rd gear lock up. If you're geared properly, aren't towing and run an aux cooler... maybe not needed.

That's my $.02.

The main reason I am considering is 3rd lockup also.

Do a lot of drive in the mtns in 3rd and heat is a concern.

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