Expensive 40s, what is really worth it?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it's worth whatever a legitimate buyer will pay, if they want it bad enough. OR, there's the P.T. Barnum version - "there's a sucker born every minute".

If it were advertised simply as a resto-mod I wouldn't have an issue with it, though I wouldn't buy it. It does have some redeeming qualities and has 'curb appeal'. But it is not a "Fully Restored" FJ40 as some folks have pointed out, and some of the fabrication choices will limit the use of the vehicle (e.g. it would not be not a rock crawler's first choice as currently configured). The perfect buyer for this rig (and apparently the target for the seller) is a guy or gal who is not a purist, does not know much about the proper fit and finish of a restored FJ40 and likes Diesel power.

It is worth something, but $39k seems a bit steep.
just read through the psoting. its a great looking 40, nice colour and all around very nice BUT, to claim a full frame off resto with no expense spared? yeah right.

im sure there are plenty plus people who would love this 40 and be willing to pay a fair price, but its then only fair that the seller be honest from the word go.

otherwise theyre just going to get ripped to shreds by people who really know what to look for on this forum.

again, it is a nice 40, all the seller needs to do is just tell it like it is. thats all anyone asks
If anyone buys it they better plan to keep it or lose a lot of money. Way to many issues pointed out in that thread showing poor quality and incomplete work. Looks nice from a distance.
I agree with everyone here. I think who he is looking to buy it is someone who has some cash to burn .. it's a restoesque and may not be the quality we are looking for, he's looking for a guy who wants a cool old truck he knows nothing about..just not my cup of tea, that being said most 40s are over priced. I think we take it personal when someone trys to pass something off as something it may not be.. that's because we know what right and wrong. most people buying a 40 for 30-40 either know nothing about it or everthing about them and the later would def find the faults and walk away.. also like anything, if you don't do your due diligence, your bound to get screwed. I joined mud before I bought my first 40 and I talked the guy 4 grand down because of all the things I learned to look out for.

Just my 2 pennies
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We tend to look at these trucks much differently than most mainstream buyers. It is worth something different to everyone. In my opinion only, if you can buy one of these trucks for anything close to what you can build one for in whatever
its a amazing rig but my frame off is including rhino liner under the body, painting the frame, new paint inside and out of the body, rhino liner on the floor and sides, lizard skin on the roof... = no rust, no hidden funk, no dings, no chips = brand new. his is way better then mine sure but mine wont have any rust = brand new paint inside and out!

As nice as that rig is it has "funk" on the flooring, paint chips, no flooring sure nicer then mine, then again mine is in 600 parts at a body shop paying almost $5000 to make it perfect and it will be at best a $25K rig.

Someone who REALLY knows this story is Cruiser Innovations, his rigs are CRAZY.
1979 BJ40
This being my first frame off restoration, I may have a skewed perception of these vehicles' value and cost to get them to be worth the big bucks. However, we are definitely going to be putting less than $40k into our truck, and I would be very surprised if it isn't a lot nicer than that. I agree that this seller must be targeting buyers who know nothing about these trucks, because I don't think anyone on this forum would ever buy that.
In addition, the fact that this truck isn't all original immediately drops its value for me, and I can't imagine spending more than $20k on even the most perfect truck with a conversion engine. But that's just me.
Well too, most people don't understand what a 4bt is. They will get in the truck, drive it around on a test drive, then buy it. After an hour though of the vibration and sound of the 4bt, their ears will bleed, have a seizure from the vibration, and sell it for half the price just to get it out of their hair.
I posted on that for sale thread before I saw this one. That is no frame off restoration. I've done one and you can tell. And the attention to detail in that FJ40 'build' is way below my standards. Way over priced FJ40 IMO.
And did the seller say something about $25K worth of diesel engine swap?? Really? As pointed out, looked like some dry rot on rubber seals. And who in their right mind spends $25K on an engine? I mean, that is $25K that you could spend on fuel for the worst gas hog on the planet and still take a long, long time to spend all that money.

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