Existing HID in my new to me 60

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Mar 27, 2012
Portland Oregon
So, should I just rip out the HID system in my 60. The PO had these flood type lights with HID that had absolutely no pattern. The HID system the PO had in there was twin bubs with two slim 35w ballasts for each side.

I installed Hella e codes but the pattern just sucks and I don't want to be that jerk that blindes everyone.

Should I just trash the existing and upgrade my harness and go H4? I really want good light, especially with wet night roads in the PNW.

I've read I think every post using the search. But nothing is really clarifying on HID and what is said is in an older post with what I am assuming older technology.

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The Hella H4 lamps with their wiring harness is , in my opinion, the best one could ever do in the 60. I have them in mine and they are perfect. great light quality / briteness.

No problems / bulb changes in over 6 years.
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I drive around the rainy PNW with Hella H4's running standard 55w/60w bulbs fed by an upgraded harness. The sharp cutoff of the low beam makes them ideal in rain and light fog.
I never want for more light on road, except for extreme fog where I wish I had some low-mounted fog lamps that I could run with the headlamps off.

Defintely lose the aftermarket HIDs, the bad pattern will bother you as much as oncoming drivers, causing glare in the rain that will affect your night vision.
Thank you. I will rip out the HID stuff. Where is a good place to get a relay harness? One that is easy to plug and play.
Thank you. I will rip out the HID stuff. Where is a good place to get a relay harness? One that is easy to plug and play.

Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters.....Totally plug and play.

X5 for Erics harness. I went with the osram bulbs and cibbie lights from daniel stern, coupled to Erics harness the difference from stock is night and day.

I ran the Hella e-code lights with an upgrade harness and various bulbs...up to 80/100. Way better than stock.

Then switched to the Cibie lights from D Stern. Much more light on the road. Substantial improvement on dark rainy nights in terms of visability. Still using the upgrade harness of course, currently using the osram 80/85 bulbs. Cibie are more expensive than the Hella's, but better. I still have the hella's, and can sell them if you want. PM me if interested.
Ordered Eriks harness and got Osram bulbs. Just waiting for them to arrive. Going to use the Hellas I have for now which are E code and see how it goes. I was wanting to do a G wagon retrofit, but room for the projector housing is limited and I need a few more inches. Plus i cant convince myself to cut into the front clip.

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