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Aug 31, 2007
louisville ky
looking for exhaust for my fj. wanting to know what others are using if they like it or not and what kind of gains you got from them performance,gas milageect. any info would be great.
TRD catback. Nice sound. Other benefits??????
I know flowmaster has a kit for the FJ, thats what i plan on using. The sound is awesome, but i dont know about the performance, they say that it gives improved performance but they dont give a number i think i depends on each vehile make.
I'm running a flowmaster with a chop to the pipe to keep it inside the frame, similar to all pro's pipe. The muffler sounds good at first, but after a while I noticed its louder than I want for freeway driving. Biggest gain I noticed was an increase in mpg and a modest boost in acceleration, but I installed a CAI shortly after the exhaust which added to the gains. If you are running any trails more dificult than a dirt road, I would stay away from the TRD - I've seen them catch stuff and get mangled.
anyone have gibson they claim a 15 to 20 hp gain and better fuel economy tring to see what people really gain in the use of after market exhaust.
city probably about 0.5 to 0.75, highway was about 2.5.
thats pretty good ave. close to 2 mpg i just tring to compensate for loss due to lift and tires a little bit.
I like the sound of the TRD. Nice rumble, but not invasive.

I think it's made by Borla.
anyone using the gibson exhaust their low end gains sound great but would like to see or here about actual gains hp,gas mpg.

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