Exhaust route ideas for 79+ FJ40

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Feb 10, 2006
Lillington NC
Im replacing the fenderwell headers on my 79 FJ40 with ram horns and the walker crossover pipe, but i cannot decide how to route the exhaust to the rear. There is absolutely no room with the gas tank mounted underneath, does anyone have any pictures of their exhaust route on a 79+ model?
This belongs to a friend of mine and I am sure he won't mind. Hope it helps ;)



On the rig in question, he already has the exhaust dumping inside the frame............if you have a good exhaust fabricator he can route the exhaust over the frame around the fuel tank, then back over the frame around the axle area, mount the muffler back there.......you then must wrap it with heat sheilding. I've done several.....
rock slider and muffler in one....I have a 79 that will need a similar solution....anyway to work exhaust piping between a slider and body?
I had mine routed inside the frame (with cat installed) next to the tranny/transfer then bent up around the gas tank. I have pics and will post when I get home. It's a nice clean install with a low profile "hush power" muffler that takes up very little room, which allows for a 5 gal air tank under the bed as well. It also provides a nice sound, certainly quieter than my 35" MT's, with a cool burble on deceleration.
Don't know about other states but the system pictured above is not legal in Tx. it must go over the axle and exit either to the side or out from under the body at rear.
yah i currently have the exhaust routed outside the frame rails and under the rockers, which is a major rock hazard.

I am replacing my fenderwell headers tomorrow with ram horns and the walker cross over, so i think i can route the exhaust up near the floor pan and go above the frame and around the tank, then to the back behind the rear shock mounts, and still leave some room for an air tank.

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