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Dec 23, 2002
I was out in the hills this weekend and backed into a berm which hit the tailpipe and sheared off all the the bolts just before the cats. The tailpipe, resonator and about 2 feet of pipe ended up in front of my rear passenger tire. So, since this is the second time I've done this, I'm wondering if the resonator serves any other purpose than just muffling sound ? Can I cut the stupid thing off without anything going wrong in the engine etc ?

Thank you,

Mine has the whistle. :mad:
you will void your lifetime warranty if it is a replacement toyota muffler ;)
Take it off. It will not hurt you.

Muffler shop guy cut the pipe (along with the resonator) about 3 feet back from the tailpipe and replaced the entire section with heavier guage steel tubing. I now have about 4 more inches of clearance and he challenged me to bend it - total cost $50.00 :D
voids warranty on muffler bearings :D
Don't care ;)
I have the whistle and like it. :D Tell the bagwife that it's all the sluts whistling at me. :flipoff2:

Whole exhaust system needs replacing now though, so I still gotta learn more what I need and what I don't. :mad: :'(
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Whole exhaust system needs replacing now though, so I still gotta learn more what I need and what I don't. :mad: :'(

got mine done for $550, Junk -- 2 cats, all piping, flowmaster and resonator -- installed --

where, when, phone #?

I spent so many hours last week tigging up some nice tubing for the exhaust, only to learn I fawked myself from the start. :whoops:
I like it without the resonator; sounds more like a beast.
Sounds a little more meaty...for sure, but mine puts out a hi-pitch squeel, that is hard to notice, it is more like an annoying sound that you get with a bad headache or somethin'.

I'm thinking of putting mine back on, but tucked back and under a bit.
thats a great deal installed Eric - where in the world are you? I wanna live there

Junk you wish you could find that kinda deal AND have someone put it on for you :flipoff2:

I just put a new system on mine (PO had it all screwed up and welded together - long painful story)

Dealer quoted me 1400 bucks for the front cat/pipe and 450 for the rear cat, and 300 each for the sensors - and that wasn't even installed

I got a repro from cruiserparts.net for (I think) 400 for the front cat/pipe and 150 for the rear cat. I installed it myself (with my crew chief) It was OK, not a perfect fit, kinda had to put the rear pipe flange on the manifold bolts and then take a long pry bar and work the front pipe to get it to line up, but all is well now

Good luck
I had a rattle from my exhaust all the time and will now exchange the whole system. Not very expensive here but my dealer asked me if I want a real sound. ::)

A real sound means here that you drive along a road and all the glass in the windows will shutter. :eek:

So I have to make up my mind and I think I will let the lion out. :whoops:


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