Exhaust pipe clogged – 62 wont run

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Apr 1, 2009
St Paul, MN
This morning I was out doing a little wheeling and got into a spot were the 62 rolled back into a dirt pile and plugged the exhaust pipe. It died right away and it took some cranking and head scratching to figure out what the problem was. My question is more for conformation that there is a sensor (likely in the smog control) that will shut it down or is there another possible issue?
I did that once, except I hadn't yet sealed off the pipe that feeds the EGR (I was in the middle of a de-smog) so all the exhaust came out there instead and it kept running. I noticed because it started making a whistling noise when I backed into the mudbank. I was lucky it didn't die so I could get out of a gnarly mud-hole that was so deep it got mud on the carpet in the cab. Took a screwdriver and a wrench to dig an opening in the plug then push the gas and WHOOM! out goes the rest of the mud. Oh, sorry. I guess that doesn't help. :meh:
No sensor.... plug the exhaust pipe and any internal combustion engine will stop running... if the burnt gases can not move out of the engine.... the the process grinds to a halt.

At lest at this point I know the exhaust system is solid and has no leaks or weak points. Thanks all

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