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Jan 16, 2003
Hope everyone is doing well, I am trying to finda good local exhaust/muffler shop that has a good reputation in Charleston. I have a great contact in Raleigh but don't really want to drive up there for the work cause we wont be heading north for a while. Planning to make the 23rd meeting at WWC.

I finally got the new motor in the 80 and have been able to put a few miles on her so now I want to run a new exhaust to wrap things up.

I was referred to a guy in Summerville but can't remember his name right off hand.

Anyone have any recommendations?
I was going to use the little shop on Dorchester Road to get Cat cut from 60....and then again for my resonator on 100. If you turn left on Dorchester off 526...it is on left side...American Muffler or something like that. Clayton went to him for the cat removal as well I think.

not fancy....small shop...but good work.

There is also a place on Remount in North Charleston called Muffler Shop that is suppose to be very good and honest...just not good part of town but not terrible....as soon as you turn onto Remount off Rivers....it is on right side across street from Auto Zone.
Thanks. I will give them a ring. I want to get down to one high flow cat and new muffler and tucked up a little. Y'all around this weekend?

Edit...does Carolina muffler sound right on Dorchester?
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yeah....it is on left side before you get to air force base...used to be old gas station and is a muffler shop...have a little man made out of muffler parts sitting out front.
Went by and talked with Steve and Travis, good guys. They installed a new system from the cat back and did it exactly how I wanted it. They are a little higher priced than things in NC but I would recommend them to anyone else because they were honest and even worked with me on the price a little.
Which shop did you choose?
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