exhaust manifold

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Dec 1, 2007
i have a california exhaust manifold is it worth keeping and reusing or getting a non california exhaust manfold ?
A little information on what year and what vehicle we're talking about here. And what part of the world you're in.
I'd keep it and use it if it's in good shape. I'd also make sure that the heat riser butterfly was fully functional and that the blank-off plate between the intake and exhaust manifolds was intact. Otherwise, you will have problems with it eventually.

My original '78 CA exhaust manifold was cracked in so many places that it was just not repairable. Many years ago I replaced it with a Federal manifold. Installation of a Federal exhaust manifold requires use of a Federal head pipe and a Federal EGR pipe (or custom pipes for both).
the heat riser butterfly work but the flap inside is gone . i took apart the manifold and inside was a heat baffle make of cheap metal i removed it . here is a picture

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