Exhaust Manifold

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Jul 12, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
I'm putting together my intake and exhaust manifolds. I'm cleaning everything up, and have new gaskets. I need to put the two end horns in, and I bought the springs and rings.
I've look everywhere for a video, or other explanation on how the springs and rings are put together.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Spring goes in first, ring goes next, right on top. Stagger the openings. No RTV is generally recommended tho some have used a high temp one.
Do not tighten anything till you get all the bolts and nuts in place on the head...
On those rings and springs... roll them into the grooves, one groove at a time, as stated, put the gap of the spring at 180 degrees opposite gap of ring and reverse directions of the second groove so the gaps of the rings in both grooves are pointing away from each other...
Here are some pictures, which may help others who found this post. You may look at the rings and think "where does the spring go" like I did... when I gently removed a ring, voila underneath was a spring.
Clean up all the mating surfaces. If the inside of the horn is rough or corroded use a cylinder hone to smooth it out. Make sure the surface of the horn is clean and smooth too.

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