Exhaust manifold to header swap questions.

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Sep 5, 2008
Lebanon, Oregon
Hey guys I just stripped one of the bolt holes on my old rams horn style exhaust manifolds.:bang: They are rusty and need replaced so I called Advanced Adapters. I asked about they're inside the frame rail headers and he wasn't sure if I would have to modify my current exhaust system to fit the headers or not. The part number for the headers is 717011. My current manifolds dump out right about the same height as the motor mounts. Any body have a similar set up? Am I going to have to get my exhaust re done? My current exhaust is newer so I don't want to replace if I don't have to. Thanks. Mark:beer:
the flange on the header is probably going to be different so you will have to modify your current pipes. how rusted are the ram horns ? can you drill and tap to the next size up on the stripped one or maybe helacoil it ? if not i would look for another set of ram horns. search ebay for (chevy exhaust manifolds) and you can sometimes find them cheap also try (chevy ram horn exhaust manifolds) but you will pay more for the name. and also for what the headers cost and the leaks you will have in the future just go ram horn and be done with it. good luck!
Not only are the odds highly against you that any Header bottom flange will match your Ram Horns bottom flange, but even going from brand to brand of Headers will be a problem. There are run of the mill block huggers, ultra block huggers, and zillions of suppliers/styles???? Big time plan on having to do some exhaust work!!!

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