Exhaust manifold studs - broken, and extraction

Feb 1, 2004
Hi Guys, I had to replace 3 broken manifold studs before I added the new tubo - so I took a few pics of the extraction process I used.

1. Use heat on all the remaining nuts to remove them - none of my nuts came off - the whole stud came out.
2. replace all studs and nuts if you can.
3. Use a reverse drill bit and extractor.

One of the broken studs came out while I was reverse drilling it, the other came out with the extractor.

I centre punched as best I could the broken stud, then drilled the broken stud right through with a small reverse cobalt bit. Then I used a bigger drill bit and drilled it out - then used the extractor.

The whole process was quite easy and only took about 1.5-2hrs including removing all the other manifold stuff.


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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
Thanks very much Louis for the right up.

Extra tips on extractors.......

I use those extractors on planes quite a bit. They work well. The only negative thing is sometimes they break. Then you have extra work. The extractors when used a bunch of times start to weaken. So it's advisable never to but too much force on them. If they feel like might start to twist, stop.

Also when using those extractors always drill as deep as you can with the widest drill bit to fit the stud. That puts you in as deep as possible at the widest part of the extractor. You never want to use the tip.
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