Exhaust/ Manifold Gasket question

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Nov 14, 2008
Middle, GA
Ok, so I ordered a new ex/mf gasket from SOR for my 65 f to replace the one that just recently blew out. Put it on there yesterday pm and everything sealed up except the front 2 (toward radiator) exhaust ports? I have taken it off about 9 times and cant get them to seal up. On my old headers I doubled up the gaskets, but that wasnt because it didnt mesh flat....it there a trick to getting them flush?:confused:

Oh EDIT: It was flush before I removed it; it was leaking from the #3 exhaust/ intake port initially.
Loosen the bolts holding the intake and exhaust manifold together, then tighten the bolts going to the head. Start at the center and work your way out. Then go back and tighten the intake and exhaust back together.
is this stock? 65 should have the siamese ports?

you made mention of a header??
is this stock? 65 should have the siamese ports?

you made mention of a header??

I had the same thot Paul. But he mentions a 'pair' of ports, you know he's not dealing with a '65 head at a minimum. That makes the header comment make more sense.

And with the hundreds of leaking header gasket threads already on this forum for him to search, he will quickly learn that not all header gaskets are equal. Or even close.


Mark A.
Sorry, should have clarified there. I had headers on my old 79, not this one. This is all stock (far as I know). I didnt have time to tackle this job yesterday, but plan on it this afternoon. It is a 2 piece - 3 port intake and 4 port exhaust. The 2 exhaust ports (closest the radiator) are just 1/4" or so too away from the head when mounted. Here is a pic.

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