Exhaust leak question for yall

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Apr 19, 2009
This may be too subjective, but how does the location of an exhaust leak affect the sound it makes? Depending on where it is, will a sound necessarily present itself when a leak develops?

In case it isn't obvious I'm looking for guidance in trying to pinpoint the various noises/vibrations emanating from my 3FE.


Leaks and their noises!

Sources of leaks and sounds:

1) Manifold to head: Makes noticeable report that sounds like a single cylinder is leaking gas under pressure (pfft, pfft, pfft)

2) Cracked manifold: Same as #1 or #3, depending on position of crack on the manifold.

3) Exhaust flange gasket or pipe through to the muffler: Makes loud growl from all cylinders (blobla,blobla, blobla)

4) After muffler, more sedate rumble, rather mellow and performance sounding.

That was fun to describe! Hope it helps!

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How does that exhaust flange leak go again...?... Are there hand gestures involved in these discriptions? or just silly faces?
So of 1-3, which is the biggest pain in the ass/most expensive to fix?
So of 1-3, which is the biggest pain in the ass/most expensive to fix?

All three require removal of the manifold combo.

Bust out the ibuprofen headache man, :lol:
Bummer. Need something stronger.

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