Exhaust Leak help!

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Jul 16, 2008
Vancouver BC
I'm driving a 1982 BJ60 around southern california right now, drove down from Vancouver Canada, and I have a serious exhaust leak right between the manifold and the down pipe. Its a problem that has been persistant and garages haven't been to enthusiastic about helping me with it as it seems the studs on the manifold have to be replaced. Anyone in the general vacinity wanting to help me out with a garage or man power or anything? We're on a trip around the western states and eventually down into mexico and central america so we can come to you! (where ever you are! haha...) Thanks folks!
where in socal are you now? Might be able to help but my time is very limited lately.
While I can't help since I'm in Colorado...

I tackled this stuff when I replaced the Intake/Exhaust gasket.
I removed the entire assembly with carb attached, made a plate
for the EGR downtube junction. Did a little grinding in the port surface
of the I/E manifold, replaced the doughnut gasket on the exhaust pipe.
All of the stuff that was hard to get to once it was buttoned up.

The one thing I didn't do that I will do next time is get Remflex gaskets
He's got a diesel - BJ60

There's a couple of garages around the L.A. area that'll do the work -- where are you?
definitly a diesel..and its all i know! carb? what? haha..
Im staying in Newport but can go anywhere. eventaully im gonna be in colorado. were going to start heading north in about a week. thanks for the replies and help.
JP, thanks for the care. see ya at that church reality LA.

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