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Jul 5, 2009
I'm planning for manifold back new exhaust on my 62 and was wondering if there's another source for the flanges at the manifold other than SOR. They have a replacement but want $50 a piece!!! Could the shop re-use the existing flanges by cutting them off the old pipe and welding to the new?

Thanks - Jim
The exhaust shop should have new flanges if you need them. You could also do a ball and socket type of connection, they don't require a gasket. Anyway, a lot of the time they will cut just after your old downpipes and just weld the old flanges to the new pipe (that's what my exhaust guy said). Also, that's if you keep your stock down pipes. What kind of system are you going to run? I have a two into one type of system. My O2 sensors are in the same pipe and I don't like that, so I am going to do something different. If you are welding your own, an exaust shop or "google" should source you some weld on connections.
I'm going to have two separate down pipes, each with it's corresponding O2 sensor, then join at the turn and go 2.5" back staying inboard of the frame rail through a low restriction muffler. No cat. I'll probably have it turn out behind the wheel on the DS. I've seen a couple of others done that way here on MUD and they report it works well. I have new Denso O2 sensors from Oxygensensors.com and new flanges from LC Engineering. I've got a quote for $400 with muffler. I'll post pics when it's done.

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