Exhaust fail fj62

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Aug 4, 2007
Ocean Pines,Md.
Sorry for yet another exhaust post but I need some advise. My exhaust has been worked on cat back at least three times since I've owned it. Once I used stock muffler tailpipe and a couple times either a thrush or magnaflow and new pipes. It has developed a number of leaks, the worst being the rusty O2 sensor bung on the outboard leg. I went to all the local shops and no one wants to join the down pipes and tuck it between the frame rails so I ordered a used set of down pipes and was wondering if I can delete the cats and just pipe it through a muffler. The cats are looking kind of shaky and we don't have smog. I looked at a gazillion posts and really wanted a clean setup like frontrange 4x4's but in this area it doesn't appear to be doable. Without joining the down pipes, I guess I am stuck with the stock pipe runs.

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