excessive heat around the transmission cover

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Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
Is their anything that can be done to get rid of all that heat? What have you done to prevent that. Winter time it is ok, but in the summer at 90+ degree F. It tends to get really hot! Suggestions or comments.
Is it exhaust heat or dtrain heat? I would guess exhaust. I am having the same problem on my vortec as my cats are running right underneath the dside next to the dtrain. I could cook breakfast before on my tranny hump. hopefully a heat shield will work to deflect most of the heat. I plan to take it to a muffler shop that can set it up with some type of shield, I also plan to use dynamat extreme on the tranny cover and floorboards, this is supposed to help deflect heat some as well. Then some matting on top of that.


The tranny hump on my 74 gets hot on the highway as well. Since my temp guage never reads above the low line of the "normal" area on the highway I don't worry about it. I figure its lots of hot air from the engine being forced through there by the curvature of the firewall.

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