Excessive condensation

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Oct 22, 2003
Juneau, AK
My tank has a problem with condensation on all of the windows. I'm wondering if it is necessarily due to moisture trapped in or under the carpeting (perhaps in the doors themselves?), or if poor weatherstripping seals could contribute to this condition. I don't seem to have any active leaks, although the front carpet was quite damp when I bought it. if anyone else has been there and fixed it, or understands this phenomenon in more depth I would appreciate it.
I used to have ridiculous condensation in the 40, especially in the afternoon after a morning shower. Normally leaving a window or two cracked will fix it. It can be caused by opening the doors, driving around etc in the heavy morning air, and then when things outside the truck are warming and drying up, the inside of the truck cannot, hence the condensation. Its the 2-liter bottle left it warm sun effect. Leaving a window cracked equalizes the outside and inside air before any of the ill effects (condensation) of this differentiation in humidity can occur.
pull the front carpet up(just remove the door sill plate, then pull up) look to see if the plugs on the floor are there or if they are missing, letting water in. Also pull the plugs on the bottoms of the rear rocker panels, this is an area that water often get into. I have heard of some other spots on 62's that leak......cant recall where.
I'm a little surprised! :eek: I live on the wet coast in B.C. where it rains 365 days a year and I never have condensation problems in either '60! Make sure your heater control is set to "Fresh" not "Recirc" and "Def" not "Vent" or "Heat" and turn on the fan. If the carpet is wet run the A/C and the heat at the same time while set to "Recirc" to dehumidify the interior (the A/C will suck out moisture like crazy).

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