Evolv tools?

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Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
ended up in our local Sears today. Don't go there much any more, but eh, looking at tools is better than doing what I have to do...

Anyway, saw this new (?) line they have: "Evolv". Apparently much cheaper tools. Was looking at metric Allen bit sockets and it was $10 for 7 for Evolv instead of $30 for the regular Craftsman. Big difference.
They do have a *limited* life time warranty vs the anything goes warranty of Craftsman, so that's a difference, I guess.
Seem to skimp on packaging too, was cardboard and the package didn't even say what sizes were in the set... :rolleyes:

So what's all that? Prices seem to be HF territory. Is that what they are Evolving :whoops: towards?

Experience with quality compared to Craftsman? (Yea, yea, I know, the "cool" guys only buy SnapOn, would never touch Craftsman etc...)
Besides the gay ass colors, they are probably just more for the homeowners with a more strict warranty insted of the no hassle exchange like the regular craftsman. And i'll bet they're all made in China as well.

I just was in Sears the other day and handed over a 1/2 drive ratchet and two sizes of their ratcheting wrenches. Guy never even checked them, just went into the case and handed me three more pieces. That's nice.
They're probably fine for 99% of population that will not be wrenching on their vehicles or testing the limits of their hand tools. I'm sure they'll hold up just fine for putting together a swing set or some furniture you buy from IKEA.

I do like the ergonomic design of the ratchets. They look like a copy of the snap on ratchet with the rubber grip.

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