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Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC
My brother just purchased a 86 FJ60 and had noticed some fuel leaking near the tank. We pulled the tank down and figured we would replace lines and hoses.

There is a steel line that routes across the body in front of the fuel tank (attached under the body along a cross brace). It's simply a loop. One end eventually goes to the charcoal canister up front, the other end goes to the "fuel connector" (on the passenger side wheel well, under the body, that connects to the fuel separator).

The question is - Is there a reason to have this loop go across the body in front of the tank. What is it's purpose? Cooling perhaps? We are considering just routing the line from the canister to the fuel connector.

Any insight is appreciated...

Other misc info...
2F engine
EVAP system original
Original carb
Mar 31, 2004
Alright, mine was leaking there too. The hose from the charcoal canister connects to the fuel manifold which (my manifold rusted through) in turn puts the fuel tank into a small vacuum. This keeps fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere and causing smog.

This system is the same type on all new cars, in fact when you have your emmisions tested, they test this too by putting a special gas cap on your car and make sure that there are no air leaks.
Feb 19, 2004
Pepperell MA
I would guess the loop is to keep as much liquid fuel in the tank when the truck is tilted one way or the other or in a roll... If you run straight at the canister then the fuel can push to that and out if you roll onto the passenger side of the truck. Yeah, you say you'll never roll wheeling but it might happen in an accident too.


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