EV vs Synthetic (Green) Gasoline?

Sep 20, 2022
35th parallel north
EV will always be an energy hog due to added vehicle weight, who cares if it is sustainable or not, it is wasteful. Also, the important equipment is obsolete almost immediately, as an old gas engine from fifty-years-ago is still good to go, but, old batteries are unsafe and must be replaced, before they break. They weigh too much to handle the road the way that most people like to drive (for example, the Hummer battery weighs more than my entire pickup, so it drives like your hauling concrete), they become a mini-volcano upon failure (fire), and, despite the hype, essentially no one in my (affluent and 'green') town is drilling holes in their home's roof for solar panels installation in 2022. Solar isn't keeping up with running our laundry, so why bother with using it for transportation? Chevy recalled the Bolt at unprecedented expense. Money isn't green, yet. Besides, a charging cable is a tripping hazard, and no one wants booms or gantry type overhead charging equipment to clutter the street or driveway, you'd never get the permit in my city. I'd not want to charge a car in my wood frame garage. Lithium mining is a complete environmental mess.

If only people knew that most (mass) of the chemical energy that runs a gas or diesel engine is the air surrounding it - look up the stoichiometric ratio of air to gasoline. Fourteen + lbs of atmosphere is burnt for every lbs of gasoline, which makes the fuel tank really efficient at about 100lbs of gasoline when full.

Here is an example of green gasoline:

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