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Oct 5, 2003
Golden, CO
::)Thinking about picking up the Etrex Vista this weekend to use in the truck and on the trail. It will serve as my speedo and odometer as well as using it for rate of climb and decent.

Let me know if any of you have used this unit or one with similiar features. I'll also need to figure out a way to mount it so it is easily visualized druing driving. Your thoughts!! :D
I'm getting a Garmin V for christmas. :D
Parents are good for something after all.

I saw Junk recommended it, and since he's still on his first one it must be pretty good. :D I looked it up and saw it had all the features I wanted, and one that most handhelds don't seem to have-turn by turn navigation. Its not cheap, but I plan to use it in the cruiser, on the mt bike, atv, and hiking so it will get plenty of rough use. Take a look at, I'm convinced this is the one for me.
As far as mounting, I will probably just stick some velcro on the bottom and on the dash and stick it there when i use it, and buy RAM mounts for the mtb and atv.
I have the Etrex Legend and love it.. has served me well...

Go for the most Waypoints and Tracklog points you can have... I have 1000 (double that of the Garmin V for example).

Also another big one is the tracklog points, the Etrex have 10,000. Sounds like alot but they go quick when it is putting one every 20 ft on a trail... I have maxed the tracklog points out on occasions...

Do a product comparison on it was very helpful to me... realize I use mine for strictly offroad/hiking, so it was a better option than others... :)
I havean etrex venture and I love it. You can get a free program that will interface with your computer to save waypoints and even put them on a topographic map (ezgps I think it called).
I have the E-trex legend and its pretty nice to use on its own or you can interface with notebook and use the notebook screen. Its also waterproof.

Online for around $175
I've had the Garmin Legend for a couple years. Works great with and without a laptop connected to it.

But, I'd like to have the Vista model for its electronic compass. That should alleviate the problem of orienting, planning and using maps while stopped. Unlike the Legend and most other models the Vista should know which way North is even when it's not moving. Handy for standing in one spot idenfying distant landmarks, etc. Or sitting at a table orienting your maps.

Still waiting to hear from a Vista user...
I have abused my Etrex and it is still jamming along. I love the Legend but no experience with the Vista, if it is a model up, I would recommend it!

Drew <><
I have the etrex venture, too. Love it.
Seems like the Venture has been a popular pick. What draws me to the Vista is the altimeter. That way I can track rate or climb and decent both in the cuiser and on the mountain:) Thanks for your input. Does anyone have experience with the Magellan models?
Venture has altimeter. Works well, too.
My bad, I'll have to check it out.
I have a Vista that I received as a gift last Christmas. I have used it a few times hiking to measure the distances traveled and the elevation changes. Helps me understand why I'm so winded after it tells me I just climbed up 1500 feet.

Haven't had the opportunity to use it wheeling, just hiking so far, and for measuring distances gone on pavement. Kinda fun to see how much time spent sitting at lights vs. actually driving, and avg. MPH.

I have forgotten I had it a couple times when I should have been using it, like the time I was doing ride-alongs at Sears Point. Kinda hard to see the speedo from the passenger seat, would have been nice to tell if it was 105 or 110 MPH.
All -

There is a tremendous amount of useful information on the eTrex series GPS, and others, at this site:

Cheers, R -
I have the vista and it works great offroad and on the highway-but I cant figure out how to interface it with my laptop.I plug in the cable but nothing.Otherwise,great unit!
I have the Garmin Etrex and it serves my purpose. I would love to get a model V but can't afford it.

If I was to purchase a new GPS it would prob. be a Rhino. It has some cool features. It is a two way radio, the screen is pretty good for pixels, decent memory for downloading maps.
Still want to get the vista. Just bought a new baby crib instead.....(expecting our first in March). Guess this thing will have to wait.
I have an Etrex Legend...while using it in the J**p I used it with the laptop....much nicer with a 17" screen LOL...I have two sets of software...the Garmin Mapsource, and Maptec. Mapsource is nice but man, the Maptec stuff is unreal...unfortunately you have to buy it State by state. The Topos are Printout quality as well.

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