Help Wanted Entry level Technician at OTRAMM


Supporting Vendor
Jul 31, 2006
Warrenton, VA
We're growing enough that Crash and I can't keep up with the back log of work. We recently took over the rest of our building so now we're looking for a tech to help us fill it. We're a small Land Cruiser shop in Bealeton, VA, about an hour outside of Washington DC. We work Monday-Friday 8-5 with an hour off for lunch in the middle. Shop is well equipped, heated, and air conditioned. I'm concerned more about attitude than actual experience. I'm not opposed to a more experienced tech but we're primarily looking for someone to come in as entry level that we can teach exactly how we want things done. If you have a passion for Land Cruisers and are willing to learn shoot me an email to

Thanks, Ryan
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