engine troubles

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Dec 20, 2007
state college, pa
i just noticed that my gas mileage has dropped significantly, say a 100 miles to a tank. what can cause this? i dont believe it is leaking anywhere and i am planing on doing a tune up this weekend, plugs, wires, dist, and filters. what else should i look for? any input is appreciated.
make sure to check/replace your fuel filter - maybe oil change and filter as well. probably covered by "filters" above, but just making sure.

check your timing if you can. How is it running? Any exhaust manifold leak or loud valves?

My 87 had a huge manifold leak. Used a remflex gasket and fixed cracked EGR tube - what a difference!

I remember the first two tanks after it sat were around 100 miles per tank. Now i am in 13-15mpg range (250-280 per tank) using this as DD (70% freeway). And not accounting for slightly larger tires! (31's i think without looking)


How many miles you got on it? I would check the compression if you got a lot of miles and have never done it while you are changing the plugs. Also check and adjust the valves if it has been a while.

How does it drive?

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