Engine removal, use a leveller?

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Jan 1, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Anyone used a leveller like this? Is it worth it? I need to a pull a 2H/H55F combo soon. How much does that assembly weigh, and would the 1500lb capacity on this be adequate?

Opinions welcome, and even let me know what you like to use to pull an engine. I'll be using a forklift for the lifting work. I'll clamp a 6x6 steel angle across the forks, I just need to know what chains/hooks work the best.


Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 09.44.51.png
2 ton hoist. 1500 lbs minimum. Leveler recommended if doing solo or have a helper handy. I pulled & installed a 2F with transmission attached without using a leveler but I had a helping hand. One guy operating the hoist, the other guy guiding the monster. A smooth floor makes it a lot easier to roll the hoist.

Longblock weighs about 850 lbs. then add transmission. But these hoist ratings are pushing the limits. A light duty hoist (1000 lbs) will bend a lot lifting that mother, and while technically it could lift it, it's a scary proposition.
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Use a leveler... I rNr’d a 3fe on a pitched gravel driveway... took the trans and tcase too... that sucker was up there to get it out, then level it out and clear the radiator support...
If my only choice was a 1500 lbs hoist, I'd use it. (Personally). I think that's the rating the hoist was we used. You can definitely see it bend when it's got the engine lifted.
I thought I read that the 2H is heavier than a 2F? And diesels are heavier in general, that's why I wanted to double-check. It concerns me a bit that your hoist was bending. I have a 5 ton forklift for the lifting, so that's not a concern. I just can't seem to find a leveller rated at more than 1500lbs.
If you’re using a forklift and the front end is off, you can easily get it out without a leveller. I usually put a hitch ball on the fork to keep the chain from slipping off and go.

Reinstalling - leveller for sure.
I might fab up a heavy duty leveller. Should be pretty straightforward, and I'll trust it more than the off-the-shelf jobs...
Thanks for the replies.
With all the sheet metal removed, you will be able to pull without a leveler, but that 2H is a heavy Mo-Fo so you're going to be at the limits of a 1500 Lb weight limit. Leveler in my experience makes Remove and Replace much easier, but I've only done 2Fs.

Use some safety straps in addition to the chains, just in case ... I had a rear engine hook bend up once, when the angle on the leveler chain was too severe. Engine was high up but rear just swung down and wedged in the frame. No damage and thank Gawd no fingers/arms were in the way ...
Harbor Freight has a 2 ton leveler for $40

Oh nice. I was looking at Canadian sites. This will work. I'll get that on order.

And just for anyone else reading this thread - I found some fairly solid info on weights:
12HT (which must be pretty close to a 2H) - 780 lbs
2F - 650 lbs

I had a rear engine hook bend up once, when the angle on the leveler chain was too severe. Engine was high up but rear just swung down and wedged in the frame. No damage and thank Gawd no fingers/arms were in the way ...
Ah yep. That's what I don't want to happen.
Yeah, that's why I now always add a couple of ratchet straps just for safety.
I think I used the engine hook bolt because it seemed a likely hazard for the hook to slip the chain at angle... good looking out @Spike Strip
Regardless of capacity, pay attention to counterbalance. We were kicked back, enjoying a beer, celebrating getting that big sucker out, when the whole thing started to tilt. Hopped on the back side of the lift about 1 second short of disaster.
20 years ago, I bought the exact leveler pictured in the 1st post. Didn't think I needed it at the time, just a luxury that might be nice to have. It has become a permanent fixture on the engine hoist. Makes it so easy, whether installing a head, longblock, powertrain, whatever. The leveler is never strained, even with a fully dressed 2F & H55. The 25Y.O. chicomm hoist, OTOH, gets a little wobbly...

A note for any leveler: the balance point for a 2F & 4 or 5speed tranny will put the leveler into the FJ40 firewall as the engine gets close to landing. At that point a floor jack can be used to hold up the t-case & roll backwards the last inch.
You should be good with that. I used that exact one my 13BT putting into a lifted BJ74 with all the body around it. It will be much easier with your setup. The 13BT long block is 730lbs. The knob on the end of the crank kept coming off of mine but it still worked.

I think you will be fine with that since you have the whole front end off and won't have to manipulate the angle as much.

Great picture. I ordered the 2-ton version. I need to wait for a bit of shop space now, but hopefully I'll be pulling the 2H out early June. Then I need to start fitting that into my FJ60. That's for another thread though...

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