ENGINE Rebuild..

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Mar 27, 2003
North Georgia, USA
Just curious.
Has anyone had their engine rebuilt?

I have a few questions on this..

1. Are there any good shops to do this that you reccommend?
2. how much $$ to do this.
3. Once it is done...does this mean the engine is 'basically' new? Would you be able to slap a super charger on it with out worrying about breaking something?
4. what is a normal mileage to have the engine rebuilt?

my rig has 108K on it now....no problems (knock on wood)..but, i was thinking about this..and wondered what i have to look forward to.

thanks for the input.

I don't own an 80, but judging from past comments and what I have heard, 80 series with the 1FZ-FE can go 250k+ without a rebuild. You probably don't need to worry about it until something happens or you hit 200k. I would think that it would be a good idea to rebuild a heavily used engine prior to installing a S/C, judging from the two 3FE's that blew up within 100 miles of use that Christo mentioned.
Again, just repeating what I have heard, figured I'd just go ahead and maybe save some others some time replying. :D

What year is your Cruiser? Sorry, my mind reader is fogged up right now. ::)
You have asked a lot of open-ended questions. They can all be answered by "It depends"
A "complete" re-build using OEM parts, done by somebody who knows what they are doing, would net you a "basically new" engine. If you have a 1FZ, you are probably about 1/3rd thru it's lifespan.(other than the head gasket, maybe). That estimate is based on an engine that has been correctly maintained and not "Junk whipped :eek: "
I put a blower on mine at about 75,000 miles. I now have 109,000 miles on it. A lot of those miles with the blower were racked up pulling a 3700 lb boat and all of the toys that go along with it. I watch the temp gauge like a hawk and change my oil at LEAST every 3000 miles. I am the original owner and know the service history. I would not be afraid to put a blower on a sound 100,000 mile motor of known pedigree.
To pay a pro to build a 1FZ "right" could easily pass 3 grand, probably more. (parts and labor)

Hope this helps, Dan :beer:

Log the heck off and STUDY like yer supposed to. :stupid:.


If I see another post from you BEFORE Monday night, I WILL tell your mother................ :eek:
Hey Dan,
Does Toyota make a "kit" for an engine refresh. Bearings gaskets and rings is what I'm thinking of. If not, do you have a rough guesstimate of how much for the individual parts? I have aquired a 3FE with 230K on it and I'm thinking of keeping it for the 40.
How does OEM match up to FelPro as far as quality? Probably a loaded question to a OEM parts guy, but I'll trust you to give up the honest answer. :D


The only thing Toyota has in "kit" form is an overhaul gasket set. I would be happy to look up the sundries to go with that for you. I assume you would be looking at rings, rod bearings, main bearings, maybe cam bearings. I will further assume that you need standard as opposed to undersize.
Have you done a tear-down yet? I'm thinkling about the timing gears and oil pump and so-on.
As far as gaskets go, FelPro makes very good stuff. I would not be afraid to use those. That being said, I prefer the OEM gasket set. If I could not swing OEM I would certainly take FelPro. I also like TRW hard parts, as well as BCA.
You as an auto mechanics instructor, have a lot more exposure to aftermarket than I do. It stands to reason that the suppliers that you are comfortable with for say GM or MOPAR stuff would most likely be quite acceptable.
I am, to say the least, biased. But, I do admit it. I will further say that some of the Factory stuff is WAY too much money.
When I get back to the store on Wednesday I will get those numbers for you.

Regards, Dan :beer:
C-Dan when you say $3,000 to rebuild parts and labour I almost assume you are talking labour only. I would think it would be double that if you are lucky. Junk, what did your invoices say??

  Log the heck off and STUDY like yer supposed to. :stupid:.


  If I see another post from you BEFORE Monday night, I WILL tell your mother................ :eek:
Got to take breaks you know..... :D I even wore her down and got to go flex out the new lift yesterday :G
For about $3000 you can get a short block 1fz from Toyota. Wouldn't that be the best way over a rebuild? Christo said that there is a part of the motor that can't be replaced if you have the block boiled out or something (search the archive for what it is). Then just have a valve job with all new Toyota parts. New timing chain and other parts and you will have a new motor. Am I forgeting something?

The 3 grand figure is one that would include labor. Yes you can get a short block for a bit less. If you plan to assemble it yourself, then you are set. If you planned on going to a dealer to have a short block installed, It would most likely pass 5 grand in a hurry.
c-dan, you must work at a cheap dealer :G

The parts alone is about $4500-$5k. That is taking a short block and replacing all the other bits and piecs like waterpump, oil pump, hoses, timing chain, cleaned injectors etc etc.

Then there is the R&R time, and the strip down, clean parts, probably a valve job and the re-assembly. You don't have to buy a short block, but what you save in parts, you spend in labor & machining costs.

Most likely at the same time there is associated costs like having the radiator cleaned, rebuilding power steering pump, etc etc. It is amazing what you find when you pull the motor. The ones we see go, is normally either high mileage, not properly maintained or something really went wrong, like the SC's or in one case, the oil pick-up was blocked by some paper like substance. That one threw a rod through the side of the motor.

There is really no aftermarket parts for the rebuilt.

We have done 4-5 now and will soon have a rebuilt motor for stock, ready to drop in when required.

CruisinGA, the ones that blew up were 1FZFE's and not 3FE's

As for having a new motor. Yes and no. One can never to it to the specs and cleanlyness that Toyota does it in the factory. However with time and money one can do a little custom work. Robbie just dropped his new motor in and it really runs good. On his original he lost the headgasket (due to heater hose) at about 130k miles, replaced it then and drove it to 200k miles. It was still running when he pulled it now, but with a bad knock.

He spent a lot of time on his motor, by port matching the intakes and head, upping the compression ratio and also overboring the block. All for more performance, but if we had to charge for the time it took, no-one would pay for it.
For those kind of numbers, it might be time to consider dropping in the v-8. Maybe C-Dan could enlighten us on the price of an engine complete and the adapter or even the 4.5 complete for those with SC's that wouldn't want to switch.
For those kind of numbers, it might be time to consider dropping in the v-8. Maybe C-Dan could enlighten us on the price of an engine complete and the adapter or even the 4.5 complete for those with SC's that wouldn't want to switch.
Nah Photo - at that point, it's time to considering shipping over a diesel and dropping that in. :D
Having had an lx470 pass me like I was going backwards while I was doing 60 on a steep mountain highway grade the other day, I'd say the v8 has its good points.

If you want diesel, I'd be looking into just buying a VX TD from overseas (there is one here in town). You'd likely have to settle for cloth seats and kmh on ther speedo but I'm betting you could get a whole truck for the cost of converting an fzj over to diesel, and then you could sell your fzj to help pay for it!
i know adapters are available for sbc's in 80 series cruisers with either toyota trannys or the gm tranny to toy t/c(they are by marks adapters)in austrailia then via AA or man-a fre.....

my question is this.....has anyone tried to put a toyota v8 in an 80 series cruiser(seems it would fit,as the 105's from overseas have the 4.5 six in them,and they are 100 series with solid axle)so if 100 series that normally have v8's can fit a six why cant the 80 series that has the six fit up the v8?
unless the v8 oil pan wont clear the solid axle?

just wondering(cause by the time i can afford a supercharger,they will all be gone.and i will have to swap in a v8  :G)

I'm pretty sure C-Dan said there was an adapter from Toyota for the V-8 to the 80's on the SOR forum. :dunno:
Actually Photo that may have been me. When they got my new engine in the fall, they mistakenly shipped a V8 - I only would have had to pay for the Toyota adapter and I would have had the V8. :slap:

Damn - I should've had a V8. :D :flipoff2:
Nope, didn't say that. I do not know of any kits or adapters at this time. I believe that the Junkster was the one who started that rumor. To buy a 4.7 Iforce "long block" new is probably around 10 grand :eek: (in the crate) just add the mechanic ::) .

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