Engine rebuild - new cam options?

Jan 19, 2021
Renton, WA
I've started the planning and parts collection process for a complete rebuild of a 1981 2F. The camshaft 1351160060 is no longer available from Toyota. JT Outfitters and CruiserCorps both have 2F cams available for what seems like a very low price. The cost is almost questionably low. I get that high prices don't always equal quality, see Land Rover, but I don't want to install something with a 10 year useful life... see Land Rover. Questions are:

1. Does anyone have experience using either of these cams? If so, did you find it to be within OEM specifications? Do you know who the manufacturer is? Any opinions on quality? Obviously I can call these suppliers and ask some of these questions but I'm curious to hear any real user experiences.
2. Do any of you have a good reference for other options? I'm not interested in re-grinding my current cam or buying a re-ground from Man-A-Fre or an RV grind that requires other modifications. Plenty of reasons why a cam should be replaced during an engine rebuild and I've made up my mind on either installing a new aftermarket cam or having one made.
3. Anyone on this forum sitting on a new/unused oem cam that they would be willing to sell (sorry, I know this is a classifieds question).

As always, thanks in advance for the shared knowledge.

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