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Jun 25, 2016
Raleigh, NC
Want to share a good experience with a vendor, and pass along some money saving opportunities to those who might be interested.

I needed a set of rod & main bearings, along with a gasket kit for the 2F in my 40. As you know, domestic sources for those can sometimes be difficult to find and usually rather expensive.

I stumbled across www.magengines.com ….they’re a parts group based in Dubai / UAE that sells rebuild / overhaul parts for lots of different brands, but has LOTS of Toyota stuff. I ordered a full bearing kit for $35, a full gasket kit for $59, and paid $30 for international shipping from Dubai to NC.

Ordered on Sunday afternoon, and FedEx just dropped the package at my door (Wednesday).

Excellent packaging, no damage, very reasonable prices, super fast service….overall a GREAT experience. I would highly recommend them for your rebuilding needs…

And before anyone says it….the 4 piece oil pan gasket in the kit is going in the trash. I already have a one piece ordered from Toyota. 😁

EDIT: I forgot mention that they also have an eBay store.... mag-engines | eBay Stores - https://www.ebay.com/str/magengines





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