Engine not starting after replacing fuel pump

May 22, 2011
Hi everybody,

I got a problem, and am looking for advice on how to continue:

(HDJ80, 1HDT automatic '93)

Injector pump was leaking from gasket between the cover and pump house, so pulled out the injector pump (marked all the timing spots etc), cleaned out and put new gasked in. After that reinstalled the pump (hopefully properly) and timing belt etc according to the markings I made. Then primed it until fuel came out of the return pipe.

Turned around the crankshaft 2 times by hand to see if everything is OK, then try to fire it up, which it didn't.

OK I thought, crack the injection pipes to let air out. Gave some bubbles, but diesel is coming out all of them, so that should be fine. Stil not idling.

Timing then? We removed timing belt and placed all factory markers at TDC point, then reinstalled timing belt. Still nothing.

In the meanwhile, batteries are being charged to be ready for more attempts, but what else can/should I check?

Can it be pump timing, adjustable by tilting the injection pump?

Any ideas and tips are greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Rob

PS I can post some pictures of the proces if that's appreciated :)
Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada
There are two sets of timing marks for the cam and crank, have you used the correct ones?

There are marks for removing and replacing the belt, and other marks for setting up the engine timing.

If you have fuel to the injectors, your fuel cut solenoid is probably working okay.

If you're close on with the timing marks all round, it will likely start and run, but they do need to exact for it to run properly. See the service manual for how to do it.

Aug 23, 2008
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Before you go to crazy double check that your fuel cut off solenoid is powering up, cranking an engine with no power to the solenoid could still push some small amounts of diesel out of the injection line.
May 22, 2011
Thanks for the replies!

We checked the fuel solenoid, and it is working. Timing is set based on TDC timing marks (according to service manual), but is slightly (about a mm) off because crankshaft alligns just different then injector pulley. I don't think we can adjust that because they are connected directly by gears if I am not mistaken (?)

We think there is still air in the system, so are now charging the batteries for some more attempts to bleed the whole fuel system part by part, so first filter, then pump, then injector lines etc. We already got 1 cilinder (nr 2) working like that but then our batteries were flat again.

We'll keep you posted about the progress :)

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