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Jan 31, 2016
My 2f recently started making a noise when I'm holding the brake down or braking to stop. Not the noise of bad brakes it's coming from the engine like a fan rubbing or a fan winding at high rpm. Anyone have an idea what this might be. Doesn't occur when I let go of the break, also doesn't occur when I push or release clutch. Thanks for any help.

So when you press on the brake at idle it makes that noise.... Then when you let off the brake the noise goes away?

Connect a vacuum gauge to the engine while the brake is applied & released to rule out that it's not a weird sounding vacuum leak in the booster.
Hard to say with all that's lost in the transition from real life to computer speakers, but maybe sounds like a whine/whistle, maybe a leak somewhere - EGR tube, intake or something, although your idle seems pretty steady, hmmmm. Pulley bearing??
Just take the brake booster vacuum hose off while it's running and hold your thumb over the end to block it off. If the noise stops it is likely a leaky booster like output shaft suggests.

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