engine hoist tonnage

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Yanked mine w/ a 2 ton prolly set at 1 ton- maybe 1 1/2...it's alot heavier than a SBC. The trans and transfer and hoist at 2 ton would prolly go. I had 10"poly tiers on my hoist when I pulled mine.
My HF engine lift lifted it without too much trouble. A bigger concern is being careful around it while it is up in the air.
Don't get less than 2 ton imo.

And get one with fold-up legs otherwise it will always be in the way.
Mine is an ac delco 2 ton and it picks up motor tranny and transfercase all together with ease and it foldable
A 2 ton shop crane works fine. The whole combo is close to 1000 pounds, so don't lift on the 1/2 ton setting. I used the 1 ton setting, did the lift and set it down immediately. Worked great.
I did my 2H H55F combo on a 1 ton at the 1/4 ton setting. I couldn't reach any other way! I know I know, it was a gamble, but I was very carefull and it went well. Talk about safety margins though!
Saving up for a 2ton btw!
I borrowed the AC Delco 2 ton and used it on the 1 ton extension. One thing I would have done differently is pull the pan while it is still in the truck where you can break the seal of the gasket with a 2x4 and a bottle jack against the frame. It was a bitch to get off when out of the truck and you don't need to lift the motor as high to clear the front crossmember with the pan off.

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