Engine Hoist & Stand

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Jun 3, 2007
I'm thinking about getting an engine hoist and stand to help with the engine build I'm starting into. Before I go looking, is there anyone who has either they would like to sell/rent/lend? Anyone looking to use one in the next while for their projects (Karol? Eric?)?

I'm waiting to hear back on a couple listed on Kijiji, if that doesn't pan out, I'll likely be headed to Princess Auto some time soon.
Well a hoist may become handy this year...or probably next year.
As for a stand...I don't know many that can hold up a 2F.
Many manufacturers claim that they can handle 1000 lbs. I've seen one that barely held a 3B on it.
Be weary of the ones with such claims. Might just have to invest in one that's a little burlier.

Planning on picking up one rated for at least 1250 lbs.
I have an engine hoist you can borrow when the time comes to install. Live in Wetaskiwin but in the city often.


Sweet, thanks Scott. Is it something that would fold up and fit in a 60, or would I have to trouble you to bring it in?
i think i'm going to purchase a princess auto 2000lbs engine stand.

~$100...can't go wrong with that.
I picked up the 1250 lb one. I have it together, but don't have anything on it yet. You are welcome to use this one when I am done, but that won't likely be till part way through the summer.
Thanks. Yeah it all depends on when I want to put that "fresher" F into my Cruiser.
I was thinking of dressing the engine up before I throw it in.

I'll keep that in mind.

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