Engine Fun in the Texas Heat

Jul 13, 2021
Arlington, TX
Just a quick shout out to all you guys that post your knowledge on here. Yanked my 2f today along with the tranny and tc, and info here made my first of hopefully not many, a breeze. The engine turned when I got it, but the #3 piston seized soon after...I then found it had been filled with kerosene in an effort to clean it out...no, I didn't find that out the hard way and honestly didn't care much. I paid $2k for the entire rig so expectations were low.

I have an unmolested block for a "rebuild" which will consist of salvaging what I can from the poor abused soul you see hanging below and then sourcing what else I need to complete a build.

The Tranny and TC both had water in them, which is scary, but oddly neither seems to have any internal rust issues. The plan there is to at least rebuild the TC if there's no permanent damage. I'd really like to rebuild the 3-speed as well, but thought I'd come here and ask about thoughts on just taking this opportunity to upgrade to a 4-speed? My 40 will need a lot of love ($$$) to get back to road worthy, and I'd like to save money where I can. So is it worth the extra to go 4-speed, or rebuild the 3?

Just for background, I was an aircraft mechanic for 10 years, so the work isn't foreign to me and I'd be doing it myself aside from taking the block, head, and crank somewhere for a dip, hone, and possibly a shave. Cheers


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