engine conversion gas to diesel

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Dec 7, 2009
hi everybody, i have a few questions on my fj45lv i want to change it from gas to diesel some guys told me the cummins 5.9 but mechanical or electronic? and what kind of transmission will be OK ?automatic or standar ? i want to have speed over 70+ do i have to change the rearend too? mine has the stock right now f 2 engine with 3 speed on column but for you guys what will be the best match? i want to have it for a long time so i want to do the right thing from the beginning, i hear from you soon!!!! thank you for your comments.
Cummins 4bt is what you want. Basically the same as the 6bt(cummins 5.9,6cyl) 1/3 less cylinders (4) and a third less weight (still really heavy). Way more managable than a 6bt in a cruiser, but expensive.

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