Engine Code 320327 F130

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Sep 30, 2003
Woodstock, GA
Looked at SOR and could not find this engine. Anyone know if it is correct for the 1969 model year (Body and frames VIN)? Thanks.
Where did you get this number from?
The 320327 is stamped into the engine block not far from the starter (where SOR said to look). The F130 is on a sticker on the valve cover.
According to THIS CHART <---- this is a link from SOR your engine was made between 01/70 and 08/70

Compare your FRAME NUMBER <---- this is a link

I know of F125, F135, F145, and F155 engines

But not F130. Take a picture and post it!

BTW, Poser's links should answer your question.
I know of F125, F135, F145, and F155 engines

But not F130. Take a picture and post it!

BTW, Poser's links should answer your question.

Just double-checked. it reads "F130". I will take a picture. My numbers are not making sense with SOR's links.
Find the casting number like pictured H E R E and post up your numbers.
Engine serial number and the engine casting number are two different things...

The information in the "2F" link is applicable to old F engines as well...

Pics to follow of an old junk F from a customers truck...
According to the info from SOR:

The engine pictured was made prior to 08/69 since the first serial number they have for that month/year is 290409.

So, since we now know that, we can look at the casting number, 60330, which, again, according to the info that JimC has posted up many times out here, would read that the engine was cast 30 MAR 1966.


What numbers are on the driver side of your engine block?
My 69 has a f145 in it...and I believed it to be stock...now I gotta go check #'s too lol.

My # F 287945 (early-mid 69 I guess by sor chart tho its missing a lot of #'s)
My door plaque is jul 1969

pay no attention to the ghettoness in the pic...this pic is old!
DSC_0437 (Medium).JPG
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:hmm: :D

Does the 320327 on the sticker on the valve cover correspond to the engine number stamped on the block on the shelf below the coil (like in Poser's picture above)? And what was the casting date stamped on the driver's side of your block?

Something's up, but maybe it's only the sticker on the valve cover.

Something tells me that's an F145 with a valve cover meant for another market, not expressed in SAE.

But, what do I know?
The numbers are the same on the Sticker and the casting (SOR says built sometime in 1970....) VIN is for 1969 though (frame). 60030 is on the drivers side rear (looks limiliar to Posers 60.. number), on drivers side front is 00615. The front numbers look more crued, like what I would think a casting number would look like.
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I would say your block was cast June 15, 1970.
I would agree with the year. What are your thoughts on the F130 designation? How about that the VIN plate says March 1969. Unoriginal engine? Engine made for different market? Not sure if it corresponds but I have another thread where I am trying to figure out why my grounds are different (only have a ground to the engine from the battery and no evidence of any other).
Just my 2 cents, but when the engine in my FJ40 seized a number of years ago, I replaced it with one of SOR's engines, which supposedly are "low mileage" motors pulled from Japanese (or other?) trucks that were running (head gasket blew and block cracked on that one :D).

Since the F125, 135, etc, supposedly (according to engine manual) refers to horsepower at a given RPM (4000 in that era according to my manual), it makes sense that the number would be different in different markets at different standard RPMs. I don't recall seeing that red sticker you have with the engine number on it (maybe someone else does, MOT in Japan might know and he could probably read the sticker) from the rocker cover on any other trucks, so it makes sense that maybe yours was that sort of replacement engine.

I saw your other post and I really think as far as grounding you should just do it the way all of our engines are done. Negative battery lead to the frame (clean up all contact surfaces) in front of the battery (not that it really matters where on the frame). Additional cable between a starter bolt on the block to the frame in back of the battery.
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