Engine Block cooling fittings???

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Apr 17, 2003
Jacksonville, FL

Slowly working on my frame-up (started tearing it down about 8 years ago :p)
Took pictures of everything when I took it apart EXCEPT the top rear driver's side of motor. Three threaded holes into the water jacket. ONe is a plug, one the temp sender, and one fits a 90 deg fitting to attach a hose. Which is which???? Have pics of yours?
1979 2F motor.
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Rearmost on mine is a temp sender, then the heater hose, another temp sender further forward...
On my 2f, the rear-most is a heater hose, the middle is a temp sender and the front-most is another temp sender.

Pighead....How is your temp senders setup wired? I was trying to figure out why my engine had two temp senders. Are both of yours hooked up, or just one?

One temp sender is for the gauge, the other...I hear, is for the emissions "computer"...I forget which is which.
Rear for the hose fitting... the other two are for the sensors and can swap locations so long as the wires reach. No big deal. On engines with a single sensor it is normally in the more rearward of the two locations from the factory.

Awesome! Thanks everyone! I only have one sensor, the other one just had a threaded plug.
I assume you put a little pipe dope on the threads?

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