Engel/ARB Fridge...waterproof?

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PM Henry I bet he would know.

I'm guessing a light rain would be OK.
Since we're guessing here, my 2¢ would be to try and keep it dry.

However, you might want to give ARB a call and pose the question: 425-264-1391

-dogboy- '87 FJ60
In the latest Aus 4wd monthly the old editer has his Engel bolted to the back of his buggy for a few years in the rain,mud,salt spray and car washes and has never had a drama so should be ok.
Nolen, I had a buddy in Venezuela that kept an old Engel on the back of his FJ75, fully exposed all the time. He never had a problem with it but I don't know if they're comparable, his looked like it had survived a nuclear blast (and multiple rollovers, two of which I witnessed).

I would imagine the transit bag would help keep most of the crud out, but I'd worry about rust.

My advice? Soup up a Coleman cooler (more on this in an upcoming issue of Overland Journal) and use that instead.
I already have the ARB cooler and I am not going to leave it in the back of my truck all the time, I am just thinking about the times that I am out and I am on the trail. When I get to camp, I can always cover it, I just don't want to get a topper just for this damn fridge.
You are not supposed to get them wet. That said, I have one that we use on Shamu and that has gotten wet lots of time. Probably best course of action is to make some sort of waterproof cover and then put that one, turn the fridge off when it is going to rain.
There's a guy in town here that leaves his on a swing out on his tire carrier on his 40 pretty much 24/7. I've been surprised to see it at the raffle at Cruise Moab out in the parking lot. I keep thinking eventually someone's going to walk off with it.

Anyway, to your point, his doesn't have a cover or transit bag, don't think he's done anything special with the connetors either.

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